Microsoft launched the FastTrack program with best practices, tools, resources and experts to help you migrate to Office 365. The benefit helps reduce both costs to engage partners and adds technical knowledge and benefits to the migration.
Microsoft Office 365 FastTrack

A minimum of 50 seats of an eligible plan (SKU) of Office 365 must be purchased to get the FastTrack services. Microsoft has changed the number of seats and dates once already. If the program is a success I can see it being expanded.

Inside of the Microsoft FastTrack site they have numerous resources that even include announcement letters and flyers. All of the launch activities are packaged into Phases that you can download as zip files. Videos, templates and tip sheets are included.
FastTrack offers moving your files to OneDrive from services like Google Drive, file shares and Dropbox. Organizations must have 150+ seats to use the file migration services.

A new company to Office 365 (existing customers are not included) logs into the FastTrack site and starts building a Success Plan. This plan will also help designate the offers you can apply for with Microsoft. Make sure to have your MPNID number handy if you are a partner.

The Microsoft FastTrack site welcomes you with a screen prompting you to make plans, submit for offers and to invite customers to help see what offers you can apply to.

Microsoft FastTrack Welcome

One inside you need to select an existing customer or invite a new customer to take part.   A new Success Plan is the next step and you get to choose the timeline, milestones, products to include and description of the plan.  Microsoft offers some quick tutorials to walk you through. The plans get detailed in the sections with seats to move, business cases and dates. You can even assign steps to team members.

This is just a brief overview of what FastTrack offers to help you build migration plans for Offie 365 and other services. Make sure you check out FastTrack today or leave a comment if you have more info or need help.