One of the benefits that the sign in portal for Office 365 offers is the ability to implement custom branding and images (if you have Premium of Basic editions of Azure Active Directory).  As companies move to the cloud they want those services to feel part of their existing environment for users.  Keep in mind this is different from themes, which is after your users sign in. Here is an example provided by Microsoft.

Office 365 custom branding

The implementation is quite simple.  Once inside your company Azure administration panels just click Configure and Customize Branding.

You have the ability to change both the web and mobile web interface branding for the users. Included items you can change are:

  • Banner logo
  • Tile logo (200×200)
  • Sign in page background
  • Sign in page text

Keep in mind they have certain size restrictions and requirements so you may need to edit your images appropriately.  Once everything is in place save your changes and send customers to the appropriate URL. This will not work if you just go to or You will beed to use your own domain or append a URL string to theirs. For example:

You can change the ending URL string to match the domain you have in place for your own organization.  I hope this simplifies the steps and gives your users a branded experience.